What is Amateur Radio?

The airwaves, throughout the course of human history up until the beginning of the 20th century, remained largely unknown and invisible to human beings.  Their discovery and utilization opened a new and remarkable doorway into the overwhelming extent of God’s creation.

At this present time, in the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) provides the governmental, legal and regulatory framework for access and operation of air wave communication privileges.

The great masses of the population rely on the airwaves to provide mostly entertainment from satellite TV, internet and cellular phones.  Amateur Ham radio provides a special slice in the frequency band matrix for trained operators in emergency communications when the current state of American culture and society begins to disintegrate.

Obtaining the legal right to access the three classes of license privileges (Technician, General and Amateur Extra) requires, first and foremost, a personal state of awakened recognition that when things fall apart it is going to be very quick.  These trained Ham operators, through extensive education, knowledge and practice, are able to immediately step into the communication void.

American Citizens believe they have a right to the internet, a right to fast and unlimited cellular phone data networks, a right to uninterrupted television…..these are all fictional.   Except for natural rights based on human dignity conveyed by the Creator, the only rights we have to access the airwaves are earned legal rights.   Thus, Ham operators who have studied and passed extensive tests, are able to enjoy special communication privileges.

This is a very useful opportunity and skill when the world goes dark.

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