SAM-e,  S-adenosyl-methionine,  Mood, Liver and Joint Support

SAM-e, S-adenosyl-methionine, Mood, Liver and Joint Support

I have been using SAM-e for many years as a natural cure for depression. This is an amazing non-pharmaceutical approach to encouraging the healing and cleansing of brain, liver and joint tissue. I speak on my own experience. This is like a natural Prozac without the unpredictable and violent mood swings.

When I am feeling downcast after dealing with bad co-workers and life’s battles I take 400 to 600 milligrams on an empty stomach and drink a cup of hot green tea and let it sit for about an hour. My system seems to like this mixture because I can notice terrific brain chemistry changes within a short time.

The liver cleansing function is dramatic. Over several days with consistent doses my desire to urinate increases because the normal toxins and fat deposits get churned out into the kidneys.

If you are battling depression and looking for a natural healing powerhouse you might want to try some of this. It is pretty cool stuff. Have a great day.