How to get your Ham Radio License - Technician Level

How to get your Ham Radio License – Technician Level

My interest in HAM radio began in July of 2015 when I was engaged in survival preparedness research.  A couple of weeks later I purchased a starter HAM radio from Amazon –BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174Mhz VHF & 400-520Mhz UHF) Includes Full Kit with Large Battery.

I also bought a study guide for the first level Technician license – The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual.

The manual provides a complete overview of basic electronics, radio operation and perhaps most importantly the FCC part 97 guidelines for operation within the Amateur wavelengths.

My study began by reading through the entire manual.  I then spent two weeks reading all of the 426 questions.   The Technician exam pulls 35 random questions from that large pool.    My studies paid off.  I passed the test with 100% accuracy.

During my studies I also registered with the FCC to obtain my FRN number.  This is an essential step in the process for obtaining your new call sign.

I am located in the Charlotte, NC area and enjoy participating in the nightly 2 Meter Emergency Net.

The General exam is next and I purchased the study guide a few days after I passed my Technician test.

I plan on taking and passing the General exam in February of 2016.

This is a very brief overview of how to get your HAM radio license.   I bought a cheap but effective radio first and listened for a few weeks to the local operators and learned procedure and technique.  I then hit the study material.    One thing you will want to do is find a test date with your local ham club and VEC examiners so you can put it on the calendar.  This will greatly increase the focus of your studies.