60 M (5.3 MHz)

60 Meters Amateur Ham Radio Band (5330.5, 5346.5, 5357.0, 5371.5, 5403.5 kHz)

60 meter amateur band activity 5330 5 khz USB

In Episode 131, Brennan Price led us through the steps that may end in the WRC-15 creating a ham band at 5 MHz (60 Meters). Yay. Yes, we in the US and many other countries have a little spectrum at 60 – mostly set up as individual “channels” rather than the traditional ham band we’re used to. But the ITU Radio Regulations have no ham band there. There’s a plan afoot for the WRC to approve a real band.

Yaesu FT-857D Amateur Radio Transceiver – HF, VHF, UHF All-Mode 100W Remote Head Capability

  • Utilizing an up-conversion architecture for HF with a first IF of 68.33 MHz, the FT-857 features a double-conversion superheterodyne system (triple conversion on FM), with the 2nd IF at 10.7 MHz. Extensive bandpass filtering in the front end, along with careful device selection and gain distribution, yield a receiver system ready for the strong-signal challenges of today’s crowded bands!
  • Providing transmitter coverage of the HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz Amateur bands, the FT-857 also includes receive coverage on 100 kHz to 56 MHz, 76 to 108 MHz, 118-164 MHz, and 420-470 MHz. Enjoy the excitement of public safety monitoring, along with weather broadcasts, AM and FM broadcasts, aviation communications, as well as the action on the Ham bands!
  • The FT-857 provides up to 200 “Main” memory channels, each of which may be named with an Alpha-Numeric label of up to eight characters. These 200 Memories may be separated into as many as 10 Memory Groups of 20 Memories each. For added convenience, you also get a “Quick Memory” and a “Home Channel” on each band, plus ten pairs of band-limit memories, to let you restrict operation to a sub-band, if you like.
  • For superior interference rejection and transmitter “talk power,” the FT-857’s optional DSP circuitry enhances both sides of the communications circuit. The FT-857’s DSP Unit features a 24-bit high-tech D/A chip for signal processing. Included are Bandpass Filter, Auto-Notch, and Noise Reduction filters, along with a Microphone Equalizer.
  • Ease of operation of the FT-857 is enhanced by the large-diameter (1.7″) Main Tuning Dial, similar in size to the tuning knob of many base station rigs. Selectable tuning steps of 2 kHz/4 kHz per revolution allow easy navigation around your favorite bands, while important keys and switches are strategically placed around the front panel for quick access.

Super Antenna MP1DX HF Portable All Band MP1 Antenna SuperStick with Clamp Mount and Go Bag ham radio amateur

  • INTRO:  The new upgraded version of the MP1 Super Antenna. The #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide. The MP1DX Package is a full /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham Radio. Top operators choose the MP1 series Super Antenna for transmitting and receiving on HF-VHF radio frequencies. High efficiency portable setup, that instantly expands up to full size for EmComm severe weather operations, Mobile, Backpacking, DXpeditions, or any type of base installation.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Super Antenna MP1B SuperStick + UM2 SuperMount + MR4010 Super Radial Set + FG1 SWR Ruler + GB1 Super Go Bag. Everything collapses down to pack into the stealth black Go Bag zip case, which features internal velcro pockets, hidden secret pockets, and MOLLE/PALS compatibility. DESIGN: The MP1DX is a genuine Super Antenna® product designed by engineers in USA to meet the requirements of the field deployment environment. The SuperStick is reliable, powerful, compact and versatile.
  • SIZE: Instantly expand it up to full size for EmComm severe weather operations, Mobile, Backpacking, DXpeditions, or any type of base installation. Total antenna extended length 7ft (2.13m). Antenna Collapsed Size: 12 inches(30cm). Go Bag Size: 13″x9″x3.5″ (33x23x9cm) WEIGHT: Antenna 1 pound (0.4kg). Mount 1 pound (0.4kg). Power Rating: 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA. EFFICIENCY: Within 1dB of a full size quarterwave vertical antenna on 20 meters (as measured at the HFpack Shootout).
  • BANDS AND FREQUENCIES: All bands 40 meters through 10 meters (7MHz-30MHz) HF, plus 6m/4m/2meters/70cm (30MHz-467MHz) VHF & UHF, with a good SWR. [note: 80m-75m-60m bands (3.4MHz-6.9MHz) require optional coils: MC60 & MC80 SuperCoils available separately] Continuously tunes all frequencies Ham, Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, CB, and everything in between. TUNING: By manual slip of the SuperSlider Coil, with no need for external power, separate antenna tuner, or analyzer.
  • FEATURES: Carry anywhere in the GB1 Super Go Bag. The UM2 SuperMount clamps to most surfaces, fences, ladders, tables, benches, railings. Attaches with included U-bolt to any 1.25″ pipe, post or balcony railing. FITTINGS: All fittings are industry standard 3/8″-24 threads, compatible with standard ham or CB mobile mounts. RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: SW1 SuperWhip, MC80 SuperCoil 80m/75m optional coil; SuperWire Radial Sets MR642, MR8060, MR4020, MR2010, MR1710; TM1 SuperMount Low Profile Tripod.

Super Antenna MC60 SuperCoil 5 MHz 60 meter coil for MP1 antenna HAM radio HF portable amateur shortwave

  • THIS IS: The model MC60 SuperCoil. It is the new 5 MHz 60 meter band coil for all Super Antenna MP1 portable HF antenna systems. It is made by Super Antenna, designed as part of the /backpack /base /travel /mobile /portable antenna system for Ham Radio. It is for transmitting and receiving on HF radio frequencies.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: FREQUENCY RANGE: 4.8MHz~6.9MHz continuous when used with any Super Antenna MP1 series antenna. BAND: 5 MHz 60 meters, CAP, MARS, Marine, HF bands.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Super Antenna MP1 Antennas and Equipment. Attaches by inserting between the MP1 SuperSlider Coil and its extension rod. Changes band and deploys in one minute by one person with no tools needed. Also compatible to provide 5 MHz 60 meter coverage for buddipole, buddistick, bug catchers, bug sticks, and many other tunable mobile whips that have 3/8″-24 fittings.
  • SIZE: 4.0″x1.25″x1.25″ (10x3x3cm). COLOR: Stealth Black Sheath, Metallic aircraft aluminum end caps. WEIGHT: 5 ounces (150g).
  • FITTINGS: 3/8-24 standard threads, female fitting on bottom, and male fitting on top of coil (reversable). POWER RATING: 400W SSB, 250W CW/DATA. Recommended Accessories (Sold Separately) MR8060 SuperWire Radial Set, MR6060 Radial Set. NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A COIL.

60 Meter band Half Wave Antenna with 1:1 Balun Flex-Weave

  • 60 Meter band Half Wave Antenna with 1:1 Balun Flex-Weave
  • Ni4L Dipole Antenna

Frequency Devices 60 to 80 Meter Half Wave Dipole Antenna 60-80HWD

  • Made in the USA
  • 60 Meters – 7 MHz / 80 Meters – 3.5 MHz
  • Made from #14 7/22 stranded hard-drawn copper wire
  • Will handle up to 1500 Watts with SWR below 2:1
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • The Frequency Devices Half Wave Center Fed Dipole antenna can be used on any frequency from 7 MHz to 3.5 MHz (60 Meters to 80 Meters). It uses #14 7/22 stranded hard-drawn copper wire to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code and have the best radiation efficiency. The antenna has been tested to withstand 100 pounds of strain over time without breaking. It can be installed as an inverted V or as a straight dipole. Antenna resonant frequency will vary with how high you hang the antenna and what kinds of buildings or trees are near the antenna. This means that an antenna tested at the factory out in the clear and up in the air may test fine at the factory and not work at your location. The Frequency Devices antennas come with the ends unterminated and ready for tuning at your site and under your conditions. They come with complete simple instructions on how to adjust the length for proper tuning of the antenna. You only need a SWR meter to adjust them – something that is built into most modern transmitters. Our antennas are built using 18-8 stainless steel hardware, all internal nuts are self-locking, and all holes are sealed with RTV sealant. These antennas are made in our factory in Ottawa, Illinois and shipped directly to you through the US Post Office. This antenna comes with about 138 feet of wire. Bill Franklin, K9EIF