33 cm (902MHz)

33 cm Amateur Ham Radio Band (902 – 928 MHz)

Laird Phantom Antenna TRAB9023 902-928 MHz Stealth Antenna 3db Gain 33 CM Ham Radio Antenna

  • Phantom antennas allow car washes without removing the antenna. Whipless means they don’t look like antennas, attract less attention, less vandalism, and have lower wind resistance.
  • Field diversity makes the antenna resistant to the picket-fence fading and multipath nulls that are found in urban operation and undulating mobile environments.
  • Versatile: Excellent for voice or telemetry applications
  • Field Diversity: Field diversity means that the antenna is simultaneously sensitive to both the electric and magnetic fields of the signal, like having two antennas.
  • 33 CM Band Amateur and Commercial communication supported