17 M (18 MHz)

17 Meter Amateur Ham Radio Band (18.068 – 18.168)

This station located in Turks and Caicos Islands using 18 MHZ.  Contacted using the Elecraft KX3 and 5 Watts. Great DX for QRP Station.

Ready to Hang 17 Meter Half Wave Dipole Antenna – 17HWD

  • Made in the USA
  • 17 Meters / 18 MHz
  • Made from #14 7/22 stranded hard-drawn copper wire
  • Will handle up to 1500 Watts with SWR below 2:1
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • The Frequency Devices Half Wave Center Fed Dipole antenna is tuned to 18 MHz (17 Meters). It uses #14 7/22 stranded hard-drawn copper wire to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code and have the best radiation efficiency. The antenna has been tested to withstand 100 pounds of strain over time without breaking. It can be installed as an inverted V or as a straight dipole. Antenna resonant frequency will vary with how high you hang the antenna and what kinds of buildings or trees are near the antenna. This means that an antenna tested at the factory out in the clear and up in the air may test fine at the factory and not work at your location. Our antennas are built using 18-8 stainless steel hardware, all internal nuts are self-locking, all screw holes are sealed with RTV sealant, and other holes are sealed with Coax-SealTM. These antennas are made in our factory in Ottawa, Illinois and shipped directly to you through the US Post Office. This antenna is about 26 feet long. Bill Franklin, K9EIF

17 Meter Band Mobile Amateur Radio Stick Antenna

  • 17 Meter Amateur Radio 17M Band HF Mobile Ham Stick Antenna.
  • Handles 250 Watts, has regular 3/8-24 base thread.
  • Appox. 4ft black fiberglass with 4ft stainless steel whip. (8ft Overall length).
  • Requires Suitable Optional mount & cable.
  • Tuneable.

Super Antenna MR1710 SuperWire Radial Set for HF Vertical Antennas 17m 15m 12m 11m 10m bands ham radio MP1 ground plane

  • THIS IS: The model MR1710 SuperWire Radial Set by Super Antenna. It is for all Super Antenna MP1 portable HF antenna systems. Made by Super Antenna, designed as part of the /backpack /base /travel /mobile /portable antenna system for Ham Radio. It is for transmitting and receiving on HF radio frequencies.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: BANDS: Pre-tuned to 17 meters (18MHz), 15 meters (21MHz), 12 meters (24MHz), 10 meters (28MHz-29MHz). FREQUENCY RANGE: Covers 16.5 MHz to 30 MHz continuous. Also covers WARC bands, CAP, MARS, Marine, CB (26MHz-27MHz), and HF bands (when used with MP1 antenna system or similar vertical antennas). GAIN: +4.5dB over typical ground rod.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Super Antenna MP1 Antennas and Equipment. Attaches by included push-on connector to Super Antenna mounts (mount not included, sold separately). Deploys in one minute by one person with no tools needed. Compatible with most other vertical antennas and ground planes. Includes spare mating connector for use with other types of antennas.
  • SIZE: Packs down to a 6″x4″ (15x10cm) compact roll for portability. Extends and fans out to 4 full size quarter-wave wires (1 wire for 17m band, 1 wire for 15m band, 1 wire for 12m/11m band, 1 wire for 10m band). Max wire length: 13 feet (4m). CONNECTOR: Standard push-on spade lug 1/4-inch (6mm) female and #8 Screw ring terminal with screw included. WIRE: Proprietary SuperWire 18AWG 41-Strand PTFE Stealth Teflon. LENGTH: Max wire length: 13 feet (4m).
  • WEIGHT: 5 ounces (133grams). POWER RATING: 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA. COLOR: Stealth Black.