12 M (24 MHz)

12 Meter Amateur Ham Radio Band (24.890 – 24.990 MHz)

RCI 2970N2 DX AM-FM-SSB-CW 10 & 12 Meter Mobile Ranger Radio

  • 10 & 12 meter bands; Active frequency scanner; 16 programmable/erasable frequencies; Frequency selector lockout.
  • Large frequency display w/dimmer; New backlite display.
  • Improved receiver design; Receiver clarifier (plus/minus 0.5kHz); Double FET balanced mixer.
  • Variable output power control, 10W to 200W; Noise blanker/ANL circuitry.
  • Programmable repeater offset; Public address; Improved durability (surface mount components, power supply protection).

Ranger RCI-2950DX AM-FM-SSB-CW 10 & 12 Mtr Mobile Radio

  • AM, FM, SSB, CW.
  • Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain.
  • Channel Up/Down Buttons On Radio & Microphone
  • Roger Beep.
  • Memory – 10 Channels. Full 2 Year Factory Warranty.

Zyxel 12M Lmr 400 Low Loss Antenna Cable With N-Type To N-Type Connector

  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. by FCC Licensed Ham Radio Operators – Swept with Bird SiteHawk SK-4000 to assure VSWR less than 1:1.35
  • This low loss Coaxial transmission line can be used in almost any application where good handling characteristics, improved shielding, and low loss is required.