10 M (28 MHz)

10 Meter Amateur Ham Radio Band (28.000 – 29.700 MHz)

28000 – 28070 CW 28070 – 28100 Digital modes 28100 – 28300 CW and beacons 28300 -29000 USB 29000 – 29200 AM 29200 – 29700 FM

Art Bells unique voice on 10 meters SSB. From Coast to Coast AM fame!!! Receiver is an Icom 7600

AnyTone AT-5555N CB Mobile Radio/Transceiver 10 Meter Radio wth SSB/FM/ AM /PA mode, Frequency 28-29.7MHZ 40 CH,Power Output 12W AM,30W FM,30W SSB

  • Frequency Range 28.000-29.700MHz(Programmable);Frequency Band A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I;Channel 40channels(programmable)in each band;Frequency Control Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer;Frequency Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MH;Frequency Tolerance 0.005%;Frequency Stability 0.001%;Temperature Range -20℃to +50℃ ;Microphone with push-to-talk /UP/DN and coiled cord;Input Voltage 13.8
  • Dimensions (in mm) 250(W) x280(L) x 60(H);Weight 1.5kg
  • Big LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information FM、AM、USB、LSB、PA mode Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MHz, 1.5KHz CLARLFILER Adjustment;Flexible Men Function and PC Program Software;ECHO Function;SQ, ASQ Function (FM and AM mode only);RF GAIN Adjustment;RF PWR Adjustment;SCAN Function;Programmable RB Function;NB/ANL Function;DW DUAL-WATCH Function;Offset Frequency Function;BEEP Voice Prompt;+10KHZ Function;SIG、PWR、SWR Function;TOT function;HI-CUT Function;EMG Channel Function;SWR Protection;Power Supply Voltage Protection;Key-Lock Function;Six(6) Groups Memory Channel;Model Name Customized Function

Stryker SR-89MC 10 Meter Compact Handheld Amateur Ham Mobile Radio – AM FM

30 watt high powered version. Upgraded from the standard 20 watt SR-89MC. The new Stryker SR-89MC offers impressive performance & excellent quality in a very compact package.Today’s vehicles increasingly offer less space to mount a radio, this is where the super compact SR-89MC really shines.

The base can be mounted in an out of the way location and the remote microphone controls the entire radio. This is an excellent radio for RVs, Jeeps, UTVs or any vehicle with limited space. The small size doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice on features, performance or quality!

Important Features Include: 3-Color Backlit Wide-Angle LCD Display – Choose from Blue, Purple or Orange. The Wide-Angle Display allows you to mount it in an out of the way location and still be able to read the LCD.

Easy One Touch Operation – The stylish handset is designed for easy operation. All functions & Features can be controlled by simply pressing a button on the handset. The Ambidextrous design accommodates both right and left handed operators.Full Aluminum Heat Sink – The wraparound heat sink offers exceptional cooling for the base.Channel & Frequency Display – You can select to only display the channel number or display the frequency and the channel number.

4 Memory Channels – Save your most frequently used channels for fast and convenient access.Instant Channel 9 & 19 – Press the “EMG” button allows instant access to Channels 9 & 19. Full Scanning – Scan all channels / frequencies or only your memory channels so you never miss a contact.Additional Features Include: 30+ watts PEP AM / 8 watts FM. Rock Solid Frequency Stability.

10 Bands to select from Dual Channel Watch Volume / SQ Controls Instant Mute Button S/RF meter Display Radio Voltage is shown on the LCD display Key Pad Lock (optional) Optional Earphone, Microphone & PTT jacks on the handset. External Speaker Jack on the remote base.

1 Year Limited Factory Warranty. Can only be returned for exchange/repair through manufacturer.

Super Antenna MP1DXR HF Portable SuperWhip All Band MP1 Antenna with Clamp Mount and Go Bag ham radio amateur

  • The new ruggedized upgraded version of the MP1 Super Antenna. The #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide. The MP1DXR Package includes the entire /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham Radio. Top operators choose the MP1DXR for transmitting and receiving on HF-VHF radio frequencies. High efficiency portable setup, that instantly expands up to full size for EmComm severe weather operations, Mobile, Backpacking, DXpeditions, or any type of base installation.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: MP1B Super Antenna + SW1 SuperWhip + UM2 SuperMount + MR4010 Super Radial Set + FG1 SWR Ruler + GB1 Super Go Bag. Everything collapses down and packs into the stealth black Go Bag zip case. DESIGN: The MP1DXR is a genuine Super Antenna® product designed by engineers in USA to meet the rigid Mil-Spec requirements of the manpack mobile extreme field deployment environment. FITTINGS: Industry standard 3/8″-24 threads, compatible with standard ham and CB mobile mounts.
  • SIZE: Extended length 7ft (2.13m). Collapsed Size: 12 inches(30cm). Go Bag Size: 13″x9″x3.5″ (33x23x9cm) WEIGHT: Antenna 1 pound (0.4kg). Mount 1 pound (0.4kg). Power Rating: 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA. EFFICIENCY: Within 1dB of a full size quarterwave vertical antenna on 20 meters (as measured at the HFpack Shootout). COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Amateur Radio transceivers. CONNECTOR: SO-239 (PL259 compatible 50 ohms). COLOR: Metallic. DESIGN: Engineered in Silicon Valley, USA.
  • BANDS-FREQUENCIES: All bands 40 meters through 10 meters (7MHz-30MHz) HF, plus 6m/4m/2meters/70cm (30MHz-467MHz) VHF & UHF, with a good SWR. [note: 80m-75m-60m bands (3.4MHz-6.9MHz) require optional coils: MC60 & MC80 SuperCoils available separately] Continuously tunes all frequencies Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, and everything in between. Antenna tunes by manual slip knob of the SuperSlider Coil. No need for external power, separate antenna tuner, or analyzer.
  • FEATURES: This durable antenna features an amazing new indestructible titanium metal alloy, so flexible that it can be rolled up in an 12 inch diameter circle, in the MOLLE-PALS GB1 Super Go Bag. The UM2 SuperMount clamps to most surfaces, fences, ladders, tables, benches, railings, or attaches with included U-bolt to any 1.25″ pipe, post, or balcony railing. RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: MC80 SuperCoil 80m/75m; MC60 SuperCoil 5MHz; Radials MR642, MR8060, MR8075, MR4020, MR6060, MR1710; TM1 Tripod.